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Christan and Gwen have been apart of Addy’s Attic since March of 2020. About a week ago Christan got the most gut wrenching news that sweet Gwen not only has cancer, but it’s inoperable and incurable.


There is absolutely NOTHING any of us can ever do to make this easier on them, however I’d LOVE to use this platform to help reduce the financial burden as much as possible so Christan can focus on spending time with Gwen. 100% of proceeds from this preorder will be sent to Christan & Gwen & you will get a super cute outfit to show your support to them(& anyone else you may know who has been affected by Brain Cancer)


If you do not want an outfit for yourselves you can order one to be donated(these will be donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital & all proceeds will still go to Christan.


If you do not want to get an outfit but want to help, here are Christan’s direct accounts to do so.

Venmo- LowercaseSquare



 There will close 2/17 ship by 4/15 if we can get them out sooner we absolutely will just would rather overestimate 

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